Sunday, April 16, 2017

So Much Time In-between

I can't honestly remember the last time I blogged. 
But I can certainly tell it's been a while, and my fingers have been itching to write. 

So if you're just jumping into our adventure, Hello! 
If you're returning and apparently have nothing better to do with your life... Hello! Welcome back!

I don't have a lot of pictures this round, and maybe I'll get my act together and get those up in the next week or so. But let me update you on some things our family has been going through.

1. Wesley transferred to a new job around the end of November. He's still doing the same type of work, just with a new and better company. He loves it. His boss actually treats him like a human with respect and the increase in pay has been nice as well. 

2. I've started a new quarter of school with involves clinical hours for my phlebotomy course and a statistics class. Now doesn't that sound like fun?? 

(No really... who enjoys math and wants to be me for a few months?)

3. Izabella just turned 5 in March. She is doing everything she can to learn how to read because she desperately wants to. So who am I to discourage that? She doesn't go to preschool right now, but will be attending Kindergarten in the fall and she couldn't be more excited to make and meet new friends. She's absolutely our social butterfly. She has a big and caring heart and absolutely loves anyone she meets. That steel trap mind of hers remembers pretty much anything and everything I say... therefore she remembers just about everyone too. If you've only met her once, you've made a lasting impression. 

4. Karson is still 2. hee hee. But can you believe he'll be 3 in July?? Just a few short months... It's been weird to watch my kids grow up. I enjoy it... but it's just weird. Karson has been a super grown up little man since the beginning of the year. You guessed it. POTTY TRAINED. We've struggled with that area with him since he has had some hearing issues we finally worked through about October of last year. No, his speech isn't perfect still. But you can tell that he's working hard to improve. The tubes in his ears have helped a grand amount. He'll be starting preschool this fall and I think he's pretty excited. He was always very anxious to attend when I dropped of sister. 

We're still here and still working hard! I can't say that anything grand has changed recently. It's been fairly routine around here. But that's been nice in it's own way. We've started to establish our own little roots and ways up here in Washington and we love it. Who would have thought that us moving almost 4 years ago (officially 4 in June) would have been such a blessing? 

Stay tuned! 

Maybe I'll make this a habit...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I have debated back forth all night about whether or not I should even post something like this.

I usually don't.

But tonight, I felted prompted that maybe I should. 

The past few months have been extremely challenging in various sorts of ways. It all began slowly. 
 I figured it was one bad day and I'd get over it.

Problem solved right?


I began listening to a voice in the back of my head. And almost every morning I was waking up extremely cranky, and very short tempered. I had just crawled out of bed! Honestly? I hadn't even eaten a bowl of Cheerios yet. 

"What had gotten into me?"


That's where it began. 
I began to listen to that tiny voice saying:

-You can't do it.
-Don't even bother. You're not a good enough mom.
-Oh you think you're a good wife? Oh honey... you're not good enough.
-You're not good enough.
-You're not good enough.
-You're not good enough.

I tried. I honestly tried to put it aside, get on with my day, and fight through it.
But it got worse. 
And it wouldn't stop.

Maybe you know a loved one that battles depression. And it's just that. It's a battle. Because once you get in that rut of self-doubt and insecurity, you get sucked in hard. 
So I turned to something I thought would help me.
Yup. You heard me right.
Good ol' fashioned alcohol. 
And guess what!
Getting drunk doesn't help a depressed woman!

Now right about now, I can hear the question in the back of you mind...

"Why is a Mormon girl, who's been through the temple, drinking alcohol??"

I got lost. 

Same as any other human being on this earth, I messed up. I make mistakes. I am human.

But that's ok.

Wanna know why that's ok?

We have the Atonement of Christ. We can be forgiven of every sin we have ever made, and all of the mistakes we've yet to make. 
But I didn't fully understand that. 
And took a while for me to piece together a few things.

So I started chatting with my bishop.
And I kept thinking to myself:

"This should not be that difficult. What do I believe in? I know God exists... but now what?"
My bishop made a comment to me that I had a difficult time swallowing at first. 
He told me:

"Put God to the test. Get down on your knees and ask Him. He's promised you that He will give you answers, if you just ask. So put Him to the test."

Wasn't that asking too much of Him??

I battled with that desire to pray for days. I thought I was just being silly. It shouldn't be that difficult to open up my mouth and pray. 
But it was hard.
Extremely difficult even. 

So I tried something different. 

If I couldn't get myself to pray, maybe it was time for a different tactic. 
I opened up my scriptures and came to the beginning of The Book of Mormon.
Now we were challenged in Seminary to read through the whole BOM. I never did. 
Something told me that it was probably time I cracked it open and read what the Lord had to say to me. 

Tonight, marks the 3rd day in a row that I've read The Book of Mormon. 
It sounds silly to some, but I'm proud of myself. 
But why keep reading it right?

Because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true
These past few days have actually been easier for me to get through. 
I'm finding myself hearing a little voice again in the back of my head.
But it's different.

-You CAN do hard things.
-Keep going. It's hard now, but it's worth it.
-Don't give up.
-Don't give in.
-You are of divine worth.

This morning I got out of bed, and instantly I felt overwhelmed with gratitude. 

I have an amazing husband.
I have 2 beautiful children.
And I have the knowledge and truth, that families are eternal.

Wouldn't that just put a smile on your face??

Now as I said in the beginning; these past few months have been extremely difficult. 
The depression I felt was getting the better of me.
There were nights I would go to bed and wish that God wouldn't let me wake up in the morning.

Isn't that awful?

But I found a great Bible scripture that offers great comfort. 
Psalms 100:3

"Know ye that the Lord, he is God..."

He is there. And He is very much aware of our circumstances and the desires of our hearts. 

Alright. I believe I've ranted enough. 
So you're all wondering, "What was the point?"

Don't give up.
Trust God.
Keep pushing through.

Because YOU, can do hard things.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Utah & Summer. July. {Part I}

"The truth is, I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed." -Eminem-

In case you can't tell, my husband (bless his heart) is a little insane, and my daughter is obviously not amused. 

So it's been awhile since I've posted an update. Goodness. It's the beginning of August. So how about I fill you in on the end of June, beginning of July.
That's when Izzy, Karson, and I took a trip!
We went to Utah!
But let's discuss some adventures we had in June.

For her birthday in March, Nana bought Izzy a battery powered fire engine.
We can't get the wheels to work on carpet, concrete, or grass.
So we went to our church parking lot to test the wheels on asphalt.

Once we taught her how to get going, off she went!

She had a difficult time turning, so dad helped her to not run into the sidewalk.

She's a diva. (But not like her mother...)

If this video doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you. I tried. 

Izzy also started soccer in June. (That's been interesting. Needless to say, I'm not going to go with YMCA again next year.)
But she's had fun in the meantime. 
Here's some pictures from her 1 ever soccer practice!

Her soccer shirt is going to fit for a while I think...

Karson even enjoyed helping!
Notice how red he is? Even at almost 7pm, it was high 90s...

She got the hang of kicking quick. 

Keeping it in bounds was another story though....

Now! At the end of June, we were given the awesome opportunity to head to Utah for a couple of weeks!
I try surprising my mom whenever we go.
This time though, I told her we were coming. But I still surprised her. I told her we weren't coming until the 1st of July. But we actually showed up the 30th of June.
I enjoyed the look on her face when we walked into the house a couple of days early.

So there's a back story to the pink soccer ball. 
My dad wanted to help Izzy with soccer while we were visiting.
So while he was in Salt Lake City, he bought her that soccer ball, and even a soccer net. 
She had a lot of fun with it!
But I think brother loved it too!

Such a happy boy and his Gramma!

Izzy was pretty attached to Aunt 'Daisy' while we were there. 

This little guy couldn't have been happier swinging. Papa put up his own little swing and that kid was in heaven. He would smile and giggle the whole time he would be swinging!

While in Vernal, we visited the Dinosaur Museum. I haven't been to the new one.
So this was a new experience for me too!

We had so much fun playing with Gramma and Papa!

She loved that she got to explore and interact with the exhibits.

She especially enjoyed 'digging' for bones!

Downtown Vernal

Izzy has a special place in her heart for her Gramma and Papa. Especially her Papa....

Looking mean like those old dinos!
I have so much more of our trip to share!
But that will have to be for Part II!

The Hunting Clan

Sunday, May 31, 2015

April. May.

"Without my kids, my house would be clean, my wallet would be full, but my heart would be empty." -Unknown-

Ok. So I'm far behind. I won't even pretend. So I'll do my best to play catch up. But I'm only going to start with our River Cruise that we took in April. 
Now that was an awesome ride. Beautiful ride too!

This was the super awesome boat that we got to ride. It's a ferry boat and they do several cruises throughout the year. They do some in Portland and somewhere else.....

We got there early in the morning and here was our view from the Clover Island Inn. It looked some what gray.... but it cleared up!

Look at that cute little smile!

The view along the Snake River. We started on the Columbia River. But the route we took, you turn onto the Snake River and headed to the Ice River Dam. 

Just gorgeous. Peaceful. 

The Captain's Nest.

I believe this was Burbank, WA. I found out that Burbank isn't too far from us. It's about another 10 minutes out of Pasco, and Pasco is only about 10 minutes away from us. (So for those of in you in Vernal, it would be like driving from Vernal to Roosevelt. It's not a long trip.)

By far the cutest little boy on that ship!

I honestly attempted at getting a good picture with this goob. But she wouldn't have it. 

Ice Harbor Dam!

See that big black box? That's a gate. And we went in there. Oh it was pretty creepy. You go through there, they fill up the lock (?) with water, raise the boat up, let the boat turn around, then drain the water, and you come back out the way you came in. (If any of that made sense. But you know me, directional challenged...)

Entering into the lock!

While in the lock, after we got turned around, this is facing back towards the Columbia River and back towards our town, Kennewick. 

The damn Dam! (hahaha. Ok really I couldn't resist that one...)

Like I said. Cutest boy on the boat. 

(PS. Don't say I didn't try. This is a video of the boat! Let's see if it works!)

These special kids got to sit in the captain's chair!

The 2 greatest joys of my life. :)

Ok. So I've gotta say something. I couldn't have been more blessed. We moved to WA on a hope and for a very personal reason. We were nervous about moving and all of the details, but we've kept praying. Every step we've taken up here, we've kept praying. When things have gotten rough, I've prayed even harder. There have been many times though that I've even doubted God. I've doubted His hand in our lives and wondered why were supposed to keep going through all of these trials. But God has been so good to us. Here's a list of some of the things He's played a hand in:
1. Wesley has a great job.
2. I've been doing good in college. And I'm loving the heck out of it.
3. I've got 2 AMAZING  kids.
4. My husband is equally amazing and certainly the most wonderful man. I could not have asked for a more supportive man. He's truly my best friend, eternal companion, and the love of my life. (Babe, here's to you. I love you to the moon and back 100 times!)
5. We've been blessed to live in a duplex with room, a yard, and lots of fun things to do. 

Life is good here. 
Life is great here. 

Hey everyone out there, Keep your chin up. God is good. Keep pushing through.

The Hunting's

P.S. I'll get to May later.