Sunday, April 16, 2017

So Much Time In-between

I can't honestly remember the last time I blogged. 
But I can certainly tell it's been a while, and my fingers have been itching to write. 

So if you're just jumping into our adventure, Hello! 
If you're returning and apparently have nothing better to do with your life... Hello! Welcome back!

I don't have a lot of pictures this round, and maybe I'll get my act together and get those up in the next week or so. But let me update you on some things our family has been going through.

1. Wesley transferred to a new job around the end of November. He's still doing the same type of work, just with a new and better company. He loves it. His boss actually treats him like a human with respect and the increase in pay has been nice as well. 

2. I've started a new quarter of school with involves clinical hours for my phlebotomy course and a statistics class. Now doesn't that sound like fun?? 

(No really... who enjoys math and wants to be me for a few months?)

3. Izabella just turned 5 in March. She is doing everything she can to learn how to read because she desperately wants to. So who am I to discourage that? She doesn't go to preschool right now, but will be attending Kindergarten in the fall and she couldn't be more excited to make and meet new friends. She's absolutely our social butterfly. She has a big and caring heart and absolutely loves anyone she meets. That steel trap mind of hers remembers pretty much anything and everything I say... therefore she remembers just about everyone too. If you've only met her once, you've made a lasting impression. 

4. Karson is still 2. hee hee. But can you believe he'll be 3 in July?? Just a few short months... It's been weird to watch my kids grow up. I enjoy it... but it's just weird. Karson has been a super grown up little man since the beginning of the year. You guessed it. POTTY TRAINED. We've struggled with that area with him since he has had some hearing issues we finally worked through about October of last year. No, his speech isn't perfect still. But you can tell that he's working hard to improve. The tubes in his ears have helped a grand amount. He'll be starting preschool this fall and I think he's pretty excited. He was always very anxious to attend when I dropped of sister. 

We're still here and still working hard! I can't say that anything grand has changed recently. It's been fairly routine around here. But that's been nice in it's own way. We've started to establish our own little roots and ways up here in Washington and we love it. Who would have thought that us moving almost 4 years ago (officially 4 in June) would have been such a blessing? 

Stay tuned! 

Maybe I'll make this a habit...

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